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What started out as our 2021 summer reading program with Boys and Girls Club, became so much bigger than we could have ever imagined. Early spring we were approached by the director over a group of children that have been a part of the foster system. We were asked to come up with activities to complete with the kids, to entertain and engage them. At that time we did not have much going on in the hands on department of projects due to Covid. We jumped at this opportunity to be in the lives and presence of the children we vowed to help when joining JA. We then combined Boys & Girls Club and our newly added foster group and made the Child Outreach Program. Through this program we have been meeting once a month with each group, reading a book, completing a themed craft based on the books, and enjoying a snack.


Summer Fun has begun!!
Junior Auxiliary of Ruston visited the Boys & Girls Club today to kick off their summer reading session.  This summer, a book series was chosen to be read with the children attending the Boys & Girls Club.
Each visit a book from the series will be read aloud, openly discussed, and a craft will follow. We had the best time together!!

Junior Auxiliary of Ruston is proud to work with the Boys & Girls Club of North East Louisiana. JA sponsors and facilitates a series of etiquette classes followed by an etiquette dinner where their skills can be executed. JA also sponsors this year's Summer Reading Program every Wednesday. Thank you to the Boys and Girls Club for such an awesome partnership. We hope it continues for many years!

     Junior Auxiliary of Ruston  "Caring Hearts. Helping Hands. Changing Lives."

     PO Box 1762, Ruston, LA 71273
     Junior Auxiliary is a proud member of the Ruston Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.


 Junior Auxiliary of Ruston has received a software donation from Microsoft that will help our organization as we continue to  assist children and families in our community!




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